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You realize, don’t you, that by creating a new website and a new blog, I just doubled my work load? Yep. I realized it pretty immediately. I’m okay with it.

The blog at (under the link titled “Musings From Abby and Friends”) has been tons of fun, and by far the most successful blog I have ever had. By most successful, I mean I’ve actually kept with it. Blogs and journals – I have a million of them and all of them are begun with passion and dedication, which quickly fades. But not the Musings blog. And the Musings blog will continue, but I have relinquished control.

Part of my original vision for Abigail Phelps was that she would blog regularly, she would make comments on what was happening in the world (or at least in Hollywood, which is more her thing…), and she would continually be teetering on that very thin line between fantasy and reality. And she has done that…to some extent. But I’ve tended to get in her way.

Well, it’s time to leave Abby to it. Please follow her blog, and Like her on Facebook at Also, please Like me on Facebook at Abigail will still be a major part of all I do, of course, but it’s time to start focusing on some other projects as well. And while compared to Abby my life may be boring – after all, I’m not friends with George Clooney or loved by Colin Firth or hated by any Kennedys (unless they’ve read the book, in which case I most definitely am…) – but I promise you this:
This is reality. It’s my reality. Thank you for being a part of it.

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