Don’t Worry. I’m Tired of Me Too.

Originally published 7/18/14 on the See Bethany Blog

I was talking with some friends yesterday and discussing how unbelievably uncomfortable all of this self-promotion is for me. “Yeah, right!” you’re saying to yourself. “The girl who bombards me with begging and pleading all day long is uncomfortable with self-promotion?” Umm…yeah. I hate it, actually.

I feel bad every time I post book stuff, and I feel even worse when I get fewer and fewer views/likes/shares/retweets/comments as time goes on. Because I know that means you’re tired of me. So let me just say: I’m sorry. 

But I’m not going to stop. I can’t. I have been given an opportunity to follow my dream, and I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t make the most of it. Yes, you may be tired of me. And I don’t blame you. I’m kind of tired of me too. But each time I throw something out there, one person may catch it. And then the next time, no one will. But the next time…?

Here’s something that I’m not sure that you realize… Each time you view/like/share/retweet/comment, I feel your support. It may take you two seconds, if that, but the effect in my life is huge. So thank you. I don’t take your support for granted, and I promise you, I don’t nag you all day because I enjoy it. What I do enjoy is writing books and sharing my stories with people in the world who want to read them. And in order to be able to continue doing that, I have to tackle the PR side of it as well. Thank you for understanding that.

I’ve thrown a lot of information out there this week. It’s been a huge week and I won’t lie…I’m exhausted. But I’m also living the dream. MY dream. I’m so grateful – to God for leading me in this direction and making it possible, to my husband for supporting me (I don’t mean financially, although that too!) as I abandoned a regular income to stay home and write and raise my kids, to my kids for cheering me on, to my family and friends for being my biggest cheerleaders. And to you, for putting up with me. So, please put up with me for just a few more minutes. I am going to listevery single way you can connect with me online. Ways that you can throw your support my way if you are willing. 

I can’t stop asking for your support, but I promise to never take your support for granted. Thank you.

CLICK HERE to purchase I’ve Loved These Days, Abigail Phelps #1 for Kindle.

CLICK HERE to purchase Scenes From Highland Falls, Abigail Phelps #2 for Kindle.

CLICK HERE to purchase Two Thousand Years, Abigail Phelps #3 for Kindle.

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