Happy Belated Birthday, Cute Blonde Boy!

POST BY ABBY (www.abbyphelps.com)
First of all, before I dive into this blog post that I’m really not in the mood to write, I need to take care of a little business. As you all know by now, I have written and published the story of my life (with a little help from some friends) and the books have been out there for a while now. But this month there was a second edition re-release, and to celebrate, my publishers decided each book in the trilogy (Yes, my life is exciting enough to justify a trilogy. Isn’t yours?) should be available for $0.99 on Kindle, just through July. Well, July is almost over. If you haven’t already purchased I’ve Loved These DaysScenes From Highland Falls, and Two Thousand Years, I hope you will. Do I need your money? Certainly not. Have I fallen out of the media spotlight and I hope that by selling books I can push my way back in? Not even close. Actually, I would sort of love to see what one day out of the media spotlight would feel like! It’s just a good story and I think you might enjoy it. Besides, if you are reading this and actually thinking “Hey, yeah…maybe I will read Abigail Phelps’s memoirs!” then I hate to break it to you, but you are running behind. I think everyone else in the world has already read about every intimate detail of my life. The true story of my friendship with George Clooney, the way I may have accidentally destroyed both of Christopher Dean’s marriages, why Ted Kennedy hated me, why I hated him, why I had to spend so many years lying about the paternity of my children, what John Kennedy Jr. left me in his will, my very brief engagement to Colin Firth, and most shockingly of all, why I agreed to be in Mamma Mia!…yep, it’s all in there. And everyone else already knows. I hope you’ll download your copy of each book today, while they are each only $0.99! The following links are for the US Amazon store, but all three books are available worldwide.
I’ve Loved These Days, Book One in the Abigail Phelps Series
Scenes From Highland Falls, Book Two in the Abigail Phelps Series
Two Thousand Years, Book Three in the Abigail Phelps Series

Now, onto the blog post I don’t really want to write. Sunday was Chris’s birthday. My Chris. Christopher Dean. Cute Blonde Boy. As you all know (apart from that one person out there who hasn’t read my memoirs…yes, I’m talking to you…), Chris and I met at the 1979 World Figure Skating Championships in Vienna, Austria. We weren’t competing – we were being forced into a skating partnership neither of us wanted. I was an American singles skater with, apparently, no real potential. Chris was a British ice dancer with nothing but potential. The International Skating Union thought if they put us together it would be a nice little show of solidarity among competing nations. We would never compete, they thought. We would never be good enough to compete. We would skate at galas and exhibitions, and do lots of press conferences, and just be young and adorable together. Well, they underestimated us. Everyone in the world underestimated us, but Chris and I never underestimated each other.
Chris is a major player in the books. Apart from yours truly, he actually has more “screen time” than anyone else, I believe. And yet I never mention him on this blog or in interviews unless I am discussing the past. Part of the reason behind that is the desire to avoid spoilers. I hope, and truly believe, that by the time you get to the end of my story, you will feel very invested in my relationship with Chris. And the way it ended in Two Thousand Years is the way it needed to end – for your purposes. So I don’t want to talk about the state of our relationship now. Additionally, I don’t want to talk about his birthday because the older he gets, the older I feel. But my publishers insisted I should publicly wish Chris a happy birthday. They said that all of the Team Cute Blonde Boy people out there (Is that really a thing?) were clamoring for it. So…happy birthday, Chris. There. Contractual obligation fulfilled! If you want more than that, read the book!

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