Pay It Forward: Debbie White

Debbie2Author Debbie White was one of the first authors I got to know once I published. From the very beginning she stuck out to me as exceedingly kind and supportive. We struck up a friendship which I treasure.

As kind as she is, I believe she is equally hard-working. She is constantly promoting, constantly sharing, constantly putting in the work and essentially pounding the pavement. But she doesn’t only tirelessly promote her own work – The Salty Dog and Passport To Happiness. She promotes the work of others as well. Check out the work she does to promote others on her Authors Revealed site.

Debbie writes romantic novellas which always feature strong, independent women and, quite often, lovable animals. She is an avid lover and supporter of animals, and donates a portion of her proceeds to animal shelters and rescue organizations.

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And be sure to keep up with these special events which the always busy Debbie White has on her schedule!

~ Featured Deal on from February 16 – 22.

~ Week-long romance blog giveaway February 13 – 20.

~ “I Love Romance” blog giveaway February 13 – 20.

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