Pay It Forward: Tamie Dearen

TamieSometimes there are people who you just instantly like. You don’t know them well, or even know much about them, but for some reason you just like them. Author Tamie Dearen was someone I instantly liked. As a fellow member of Rave Reviews Book Club, I frequently saw her supporting other authors. That is not unique to Tamie, of course, but right away I picked up on Tamie’s kindness and sincerity. So, imagine my delight upon discovering that I also love her writing! I have not been able to read nearly as much of her work as I would like yet, simply due to time and obligations, but what I have read has me anxiously anticipating being able to dive in deeper.

Tamie offered me some awesome support last week, and it’s time to pay it forward. So today is all about Tamie! Three blogs, my author Facebook page, and Twitter are all about saying thanks. Look below for some ways that you can support Tamie. A download, a Like, and a Follow can go so far! I especially encourage you to check out The Best Girls series. You can download a brief introduction to the series, entitled THE BEST IS YET TO COME, for free on Amazon. Also, Tamie has been posting a serial romance on her blog. Soon, that serial romance will be published as a novel, but for now you can still read A ROSE IN BLOOM for free by clicking HERE!

Follow Tamie Dearen on Twitter

Like Tamie Dearen on Facebook

Download Tamie Dearen’s Books on Amazon

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