Pay It Forward: Kimberly Blackadar

KimAll week long I’m attempting to, in my small way, pay it forward to other authors who have offered me amazing support. Today I’m featuring Kimberly Blackadar, and I have to say…this one is a bit different.  This one is personal.

Months and months ago, I was ready to walk away from the writing/publishing thing altogether. I was so frustrated that nothing was happening, and even more frustrated because I felt like nothing was ever going to happen. I threw out a random status update to my Facebook friends, asking if anyone had any connections to the publishing world which they would be willing to share with me. I just needed some feedback. I needed just a little bit of assurance that I was doing something – anything! – right. A Facebook friend connected me with her Facebook friend, author Kimberly Blackadar. Kimberly let me vent, offered reassurance, and also made me realize it wasn’t just me. This stuff is just hard!

Since then, she has been a cheerleader for me and offered encouragement more times than I can count. I truly value her, and today is just my feeble way of thanking her.

She writes teen fiction, but NOTHING BUT TROUBLE AFTER MIDNIGHT boasts review after review written by adults who purchased the novel for the teen in their life, only to get sucked in themselves and not be able to put it down! So buy it for the teen in your life, or buy it for yourself. But definitely buy it. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE AFTER MIDNIGHT and its follow-up, THE SECRETS WE KEEP, are each only 99cents on Amazon!

Visit Kimberly Blackadar’s Amazon Author Page

Visit Kimberly Blackadar’s Website

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