Now What?

For all of last week, I completely swore off self-promotion. It was a Pay It Forward week, and I loved it. I got to support a few of the authors who have been so supportive of me, and I enjoyed every minute of it. But now I have to return to the world of self-promotion. Strangely, I’m not dreading that… In fact, Pay It Forward week energized and encouraged me in a way I didn’t expect. I am ready to begin self-promoting again, but I’m not ready to give up the Pay It Forward approach. I can’t imagine that I ever will be. So, a compromise.

This past Friday, Rave Reviews Book Club named me Member of the Week. I was so touched by that, and incredibly humbled. And along with that honor came even more support! It was overwhelming, in the best of ways. And it just made me want to Pay It Forward even more! So, beginning tomorrow, every Monday will be Marquee Monday. On Mondays, I won’t self-promote at all. One specific author will be featured on all of my blogs and they will get a lot of extra love from me on social media on that day. Along with this, I have startedThe Marquee Project. There is a website, a Facebook group, and a Twitter feed, and all of them are self-promotion-free zones. I would love for you to join me there and celebrate the work of others! Click any of the links above to go straight to those pages.

But self-promotion will resume as well. Just not on Mondays! I’m introducing two new features which I think are going to be a lot of fun. Every Tuesday is going to be Takeover Tuesday! On those days, the blogs will be taken over by a character of the Abigail Phelps Series. It could be one of the fictional types like Abigail, Alec, or Avery (though none of them know they’re fictional, so don’t tell…), but it could just as easily be George Clooney, Christopher Dean, Colin Firth, or one of the other real-life celebrities who inhabit Abigail’s fictional world.

And then…the day formerly known as Thursday shall henceforth be known as BLURSDAY! On Blursdays, we’ll examine the blurry reality of Abigail Phelps. There will be an excerpt from one of the books in the Abigail Phelps Series (I’ve Loved These Days, Scenes From Highland Falls, and Two Thousand Years), followed by a YouTube clip of the actual event or scene from history or entertainment which is being referenced in the excerpt.

I hope you’ll join me for all of this! Check out the links below and note where each feature can be found. The Marquee Project and See Bethany Write – WordPress both allow you to follow or subscribe by e-mail. Be sure to do that so you don’t miss any of the fun!

And, as a little bonus…

The Academy Awards are tonight! The Abigail Phelps Series features multiple scenes which take place at the Oscars. Throughout the day today, all of the sites (apart from The Marquee Project) will feature Exclusive Excerpts from Abby’s Oscar moments!

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