Takeover Tuesday – Abby Phelps

On Sunday night, Abigail Phelps live tweeted the Oscars. FROM the Oscars. If you missed it, be sure to check it out @RealAbbyPhelps. But first, Abby is taking over the blog today for the first #TakeoverTuesday. 

I love attending the Oscars. I really do. I don’t go every year – usually just if I’m nominated or presenting, or Clooney is nominated or presenting, or Firth is nominated or presenting. Okay, I guess I do go pretty much every year. This year, I joked about not knowing why I was there. George and Amal skipped the ceremony and just met up with me at the after party, and Colin and Livia skipped it all. Truthfully, I was just there to live tweet.

I’ve been on Twitter for a little while now, but it is only lately that my publicist has been insisting I make use of the medium. I prefer to just follow others and be amused by their attempts to be subtle as they promote whatever it is they are promoting. But now I must be one of them, I suppose. I don’t have any new films, and I’ve actually managed to stay out of the tabloids for a while now, but I do have to promote these books. So, promote I shall.

It’s all so different now. I never had to work for publicity before. The skating always attracted plenty of attention, if only because everyone was always wondering if I was romantically involved with one partner or the other. (Yes, I almost always was.) And then by the time I got into movies, I was an Olympic gold medalist – and that was pretty novel. Various stories, some true some not, kept my work in the news from there…I was JFK Jr.’s girlfriend (TRUE), I wasn’t JFK Jr.’s girlfriend (TRUE),  I had refused to let Daryl Hannah be in the film because she was dating JFK Jr. (TRUE), George Clooney and I hated kissing each other onscreen because we had been best friends since high school (TRUE), Colin Firth and I hated each other (TRUE), Colin Firth and I were dating (TRUE), Colin Firth and I had broken up and the set was a miserable place to be (TRUE)…okay, something must not have been true at some point, but those examples aren’t coming to me just now.

Anyway, I didn’t have to beg for attention. But now, my publicist tells me I am dropping on the bestseller list. Apparently that’s a bad thing, though I figure it’s just because everyone has already read it. Of course sales are going to drop.

I’m the only one who is satisfied with that explanation, so please download the books. Start today with I’ve Loved These Days. Read the book, review it, and then read Scenes From Highland Falls. Read that one, review it, and then read Two Thousand Years. Read it, review it, and tell all of your friends to read it, too. And who knows? Maybe next year I can stay home and watch the Oscars in my pajamas like a normal person.

Abigail Phelps is an award-winning actress, most well-known for her roles in such films as Out of Africa, Pretty Woman, Sleepless In Seattle, and Bridget Jones’s Diary.  She also appeared as Carol Hathaway on NBC’s long-running medical hit ER alongside George Clooney, her best friend since high school.  Prior to her Oscar-nominated turn in Out of Africa, Abby was known exclusively for her work on the ice.  With ice dancing partner Christopher Dean, she won Olympic gold for Great Britain in 1984 for the now-legendary Bolero.  Soon after the Sarajevo Olympics, she ventured into pairs skating, and she and partner Sergei Grinkov won Olympic gold in 1988 and 1994. Learn more about Abby at abbyphelps.com.

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