RRBC Pay It Forward Week: JOY BAMIJOKO

Welcome to Day 2 of Rave Reviews Book Club’s Bethany Turner Pay It Forward Week! Click on the link to learn more about BTPIF Week – since my name is in the title, I get all embarassed talking about the origins of the initiative! But just because I blush talking about why my name is included doesn’t mean I shy away from talking about what RRBC is doing! Right now, supportive authors all over the world (literally!) are putting aside their own self-promotion in order to promote one specific author for a day. I could not be happier to have the good fortune of being assigned Joy Bamijoko! Joy is SUCH a supportive member of RRBC, and every single time I have interacted with her, she has presented nothing but kindness. Currently her MIRROR OF OUR LIVES: VOICES OF FOUR IGBO WOMEN is a Rave Reviews Book Club Book of the Month, and I have heard wonderful things about the book from so many. (I’ll be reading it soon, Joy! And I can’t wait!)

JoyToday, help me support Joy by making sure you are FOLLOWING HER ON TWITTER, LIKING HER ON FACEBOOK, VISITING HER SITE, and PURCHASING HER BOOK. (Click on those words to go straight to the sites where you can do all of those things!) As for me, all of my social media fire power is devoted to Joy today. What an honor – for me!

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